Company Philosophy

Celina Aluminum Precision Technology Inc., (CAPT) was incorporated in July of 1994.  CAPT started mass production of pistons in January 1996 and cylinder head mass production in August 1996.

In July 1998 the assembly of water passage products began and casting of lower blocks began in 2005.  The mass production of knuckles began in August 2006.

The high quality products produced by CAPT associates, the state-of-the-art technology utilized to manufacture these parts and the international viewpoint for providing quality to the world at a reasonable price, all stem from the expertise and experience of Honda Foundry, the parent company of CAPT.

Mr. Benjiro Honda founded Honda Foundry Co., Ltd. (HF) in 1963 with the production of pistons, the most important part of an engine.  Now, HF is supplying many domestic and overseas customers with various kinds of aluminum alloy products for two or four wheel vehicles and power equipment.

HF has gained the highest respect in Japan and around the world as one of the finest precision aluminum casting, machining, and finishing manufacturers.

HF was created as a result of Mr. Benjiro Honda's passionate mission of: "We contribute to society with our own technology."  HF has expanded its activities not only domestically but also to many overseas countries.  It is most important for all associates to understand, respect, share, and implement this philosophy.

The CAPT philosophy represents over 40 years of Honda Foundry's experience in conducting a successful business practice, and CAPT's experience of conducting business in North America.

This philosophy would be meaningless if it were to remain no more than words.  Words alone are not important: what is important is for the intended meaning of the words to be fully understood and translated into actions so that this philosophy takes root as the corporate culture.

It is CAPT's belief that accomplishing this will lead to growth in the future.

Naoharu Watanabe - President