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Why Work At CAPT?
Our Associates
The Associates here at CAPT are a group of passionate and determined individuals with the same goal in mind: assuring quality in every job, from beginning to end, and exceeding the needs and wants of our customers’ expectations.
Working at CAPT is more than just a “job.” The group of Associates at this company are a tight-knit family, and behave like one as well. Below you will find interviews from some of our Associates talking about their experience of working at CAPT.
A Family-Like Atmosphere
CAPT Associates are more than just coworkers. The time spent at work creates a family-like bond at CAPT that lasts for decades.

Not only do we make a good product, but we’re a business full of great people.

– Chad Maxwell, Production Manager at CAPT

Excellent Benefits
Along with great insurance plans, the pay scale at CAPT is one of the highest in the area, we offer a 401(k) plan with company match, and a pension plan that is fully paid by the company.

It’s just an overall good place to work at.

– Greg Elshoff, Team Leader

Investing In Your Future
Listen to Brett’s story about his typical week as an Equipment Service Trainee here at CAPT. With our Tuition Payment Program, CAPT is always investing in the future of our Associates.

I’m able to provide for my family and kids. I learn something new every day.

– Jessie Wicker, Quality Assurance Department

CAPT Cares About You
When the COVID-19 restrictions were put in place, CAPT responded immediately ensuring safe working conditions within set guidelines to get our Associates back to work as soon as possible.

CAPT has evolved into being a family-friendly company and seeing the people’s needs.

– Elliot Westgerdes, Knuckle Casting Department

Work-Life Balance
Over the years, CAPT gained a reputation for having a lot of overtime. We have made a concentrated effort focused on less overtime and better work-life balance for our Associates.

We believe that CAPT is one of the best places to work in Ohio.

Ready to join the CAPT family?